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This is where we'll update you on how our trip is going.

04 Jan, 2009 - Islamorada, Keys Florida by Ruby

We spent over 8 hrs on the bikes... but did just over 200 hundred miles....  reason being, the traffic was so heavy, with mostly only single lanes, that we were reduced to crawling most of the time. The night before the traffic,we had stopped at Islamorada Keys, Florida, thats about 80 miles from the end of the Keys,and low and behold the owner of the motel directed us down and around the road to this restaurant and bar called 'Lorelei' which just happened to be the very same place that Scott and Cathy some locals back in Boca Raton had directed us to, Small World!! And yes, we had a very good time. There was a band playing, the night was balmy enough to sit out side, and the beer was cold.

cool bike, in the Keys... heaps of spare bridges on the way down that people were fishing off... and my dream bike, pleeze Santa...


heaps of pelicans, lot of young ones... white on white... and some locals art, all on the Keys


Miami traffic was bedlam, but we took it just to have a look see,... that church seemed to be the oldest building standing!!



the brown ones are the babies... and this tree was living on the old bridge surviving on ????? murky dusk riding thru the everglades where we saw literally dozens of alligators.. and the bird life was out of this world.. but traveling at 60 miles its impossible to get a pic!!!