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This is where we'll update you on how our trip is going.

07 Jan, 2009 - Seminole, Florida by Ruby

Just got back from our walk around the lake down the road from Shirley, and Steve's. I've seen more squirrels these last two days, than I've seen in all our time in the States... really cool. Well, we have had a brilliant time with Steve and Shirley... lovely home cooked meals, ( some stuff we have never eaten before... )good company, and wine. We went down to the beach to watch this many colored sunset with them the first night...

count down.... the colors were really vivid, and it only seemed to to take bout 15mins.


passing pelican... these ones are smaller than the Greek ones.... holiday folks in Florida... and the dead snake we planted on Ems bike, waited ages for him to see it, but when he finally saw it he hardly reacted!! bout two feet long and totally squashed, we picked him up from the road on our walk. Yesterday we had a fantastic day at the Busch Gardens. A place with heaps of real animals, and SCARY RIDES!!! we did them all, totally sick to the stomach but a must do.


The gardens were absolutely amazing... as were the rides, but we didn't take the camera's in, cause you cant carry them on the rides. This one, we went up 120ft, and came down at 75 miles an hour!!! god, it was scary, and they didn't get any easier, but we did them all... sooo much fun. Then Em had a go at the strong man game and won this huge Rhino!!! it looked so funny when we were riding back home, this creature bobbing up and down on the bike. But now we are off for new back tires. Leaving our friends Shirley and Steve to get back to normal. Cheers, and thanks once again, see you in New Zealand XXX