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07 Jan, 2009 - Go West young man by Emil

Well  its finally happened  , we are heading west and on our way home  a little under 2 months  around 7500 miles and we should be in San Francisco  where this adventure started back in March

So since the last report by me  a week ago we have ridden down The Keys  and back up to Tampa a slow but interesting ride We joined hundreds of SNOWBIRDS as they traveled south for the winter These are the Retirees from allover the northern states and Canada who every year make the pilgrimage south to take advantage of the warmer climate  RVs seem to fill the road and the traffic was continuous on this 2 lane highway the trip taking a couple of hours to travel the eighty miles down from where we stayed the night before Once that was over we headed up through the Everglades as it was late afternoon we decided not to stop and carry on to  Naples Florida , arriving  on dark   It was most likely an opportunity missed by not visiting the Everglades as we saw numerous alligators and abundant bird life just from the road  included were Herons , Egrets and one similar to our Bitten  The air boats  could have been a fun thing to do also  but hey we cannot do everything

The next day we traveled up to Tampa and stay with these lovely people who opened their home to us  Shirley and Steve had meet us all on one of the ferries we had taken to as we came down the Outer Banks and had offered us a bed and some home cooked meals  Boy do we miss them , those home cooked meals  The first night was a typical southern  hot pot with shrimps ,sausages , corn and potatoes  boiled in a broth of herbs and spices  Very nice indeed The next night and fry up of Hush Puppies and fish  , hush puppies being a corn ,onion mix made into little balls and fried   After spending the day at the Busch Gardens Africa  where the life was scared the hell out of me Those amusement rides are not amusing and I am not afraid to say I screamed myself hoarse  Sh........ I hate heights but in the end I am glad to say Ive been there and done it  Thank you  Shirley and Steve for the wonderful time we all had with you

Yesterday we also put a new back tyre on and changed the oil this will see us back to San Fran 35000 miles ( 56 325 ks ) now with our  thanks going to the guys at ST. PETE  POWERSPORTS  A good bunch of guys who were extremely envious of  what we were achieving , they also gave us all a T- shirt so we are acquiring more and more  but at least   now  the bikes are getting accustomed  to  carrying us  and all our gear  I would like to say they have preformed admirably and we really enjoy riding them  So its up to New Orleans  and we see what awaits us there


   Gary and a 10th anniversary Victory Vision # 89  It could be yours

We  see a lot of this going on  I suppose you could call it the best of all worlds 

But Ive been told the people who do this are QUEENS  I'll have to find out what that means