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This is where we'll update you on how our trip is going.

10 Jan, 2009 - Crystal River, thru Alabama, to New Orleans by Ruby

Crystal River was just a little Ole hick town we stayed over at the end of a long, cold windy day...  well, we all went to the "local" bar for dinner and a drink, and the food was superb, Bren and Em left soon after, but Noel and I decided to stay on to listen to the D.J  and got chatting to the locals, their Dixie southern drawl was yet another twist on english... real smooth on the ear. Some of them got up to sing, and there was no shortage of dance partners for me! we had such a cool night ... great to be on the road again. Next morning saw heavy rain for a few minutes, but the cold and wind stayed all day again

we got drenched before we could stop and put our suits on... beautiful moss covered trees... and muddy waters of the inland areas of the Gulf Of Mexico


In Alabama, we were blown away at the size of the USS Alabama... the museum was outstanding


just over 2500 men served on the ship.... spy plane commonly known as the Blackbird... and a pic of the devastation caused by Katrina at the museum, huge damage was wreaked on the planes etc... they are still restoring, probably will be for years to come.


some of the damage... B52, it was so huge, it even has tires on the ends of its wings!... pic of the Blackbird in flight, 3500 feet per second, faster than a speeding bullet, in fact, the plane arrives 7 minutes before the bullet in a flight across USA.


close up of a dead armadillos skin, I found it on one of our runs back at Shirley and Steve's. kinda like snakes but more leathery, and inside, you can see how it hexagonal shaped. as this piece is drying out.. its breaking up, so I probably won't have any to bring home. ( which brings a smile to Noels lips ) ..thats the City of Mobile, Alabama, behind the B52...I got to pat a real live snake here in New Orleans, it was actually warm, and not slimy, but slippery. We are having such a good time here, will come up to speed later. And a Very Happy 2nd Birthday to our grandson CONNOR for the 12th. XXXXX