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This is where we'll update you on how our trip is going.

11 Jan, 2009 - New Orleans !!!! Yaaaa by Ruby

Oh mannnn, Noel and I had such a ball in New Orleans for three days. Didn't see much of Bren and Em, cause they find the music too loud,and didn't stay out late. Bourbon St is everything we have ever read about. Amazing music, blues, Dixie, funk, and a Lil' bit of country. Everyone was in a party mood, and the atmosphere was electric. Just thumpin. But I'm getting ahead of myself.... when we arrived at the hotel, half a dozen Harley guys were stepping out and, seeing us, came over to throw friendly insults bout our plastic Victory's, which I threw right back bout their unreliable Harley's, none of which had put on the miles that we had. It was great, got down to sharing riding experiences and split up best of mates.

my first view of the city, still on the highway... old and burnt... all these buildings are empty and derelict, theres heaps of them in the city.... devastation of Katrina, and the cleanup still goes on


Bourbon St on sunday morning... some older houses in the back streets... and one of the veranda's on Bourbon St where people threw bead necklaces down to us who were brave enough to make some noise, or show a bit of skin... Noel held my bag so I could do my bit, ended up with bout 20 necklaces!! heaps of fun, now I don't wanna leave them, guess I'll have to, pretty heavy extra baggage. Just lucky we missed Madi gra week really, especially if Saturday night was anything to go by.All sorts of people, partying most of the night, almost elbow to elbow in the bars. Noel and I met up with some of the Harley guys we had met earlier, and did a couple of bars with them..David who is the Director of the American Eagle Harley Owners group wants us to meet him up in Dallas so he can take us for a ride, so hopefully we will make it. It was great chatting with the southerners in the bars, never get bored with the different dialects. Heaps of dancing, and a few cigars washed down with some weird drinks, saw us thru the nights.


the old cemetery.. these are not small houses, they are gigantic crypts or tombs or what ever they are called, there are hundreds and hundreds of them in heaps of cemetery's all over the city. That old brick one looks like a Dutch oven!


Lou Armstrong Park.... the edge of the byou...and some "Po Folks"


on the way up to Beaumont it was bloody cold, none of us had enough clothes on and got caught out.... some trailer trash, yes folks they do exist... its beyond me how people can live in such dirty, scruffy conditions. Here, or at home, there is just no excuse for it. Well we are off out to dinner somewheres.. this has just been the best few days, there are some amazing artists out there.