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This is where we'll update you on how our trip is going.

14 Jan, 2009 - Southern States by Emil

Since leaving Florida we as you know visited New Orleans Here Ben and I had time to ourselves and went walking the streets  The first day we went to visit the Confederate Museum and the World War 2 Museum which was dedicated to the war in the Pacific  Very well presented and the tour was worth while,  later that afternoon we took in an IMAX film about the deep sea in 3D

The following day we strolled the streets of the French Quarter  absorbing the atmosphere of the bands  food and wine  A Zulu group who were dancing the streets colourful and entertaining for the  on lookers The occasion being a ceremony for picking a King and Queen for the forth coming Mardi Gras  3 days and only one late night may not have been enough for some but we found that it was for us You can only drink so much and although the music was enjoyable by late evening we had had enough

After leaving New Orleans we set off to-wards Texas  and has the temperature dropped,  we nearly froze  for the good part of the day  Its amazing how the weather although sunny can be so cold Next time we will wrap up before we leave Only Brenda had  her suit on

We stopped at Houston and meet a guy (Dan A Victory Vision owner as well )  that had been emailing Ruby and Noel for a good part of our trip Very interesting chap to talk to as he told us stories about his working for law enforcement That evening he had arranged to take us all to a Mexican  restaurant for a meal and then to a local bar For once I managed to survive the evening but only just  Those Margareta's taste nice

The local Victory Dealer  POLARIS WEST played host to us while we waited for Dan to show up Richard and Matt were only to willing to show us a Victory custom bike that they had built and that was displayed Nice bike if you wished to spend a lot of dollars  but not ideal for what were are doing    A new set of after market pipes on another VISION   that sound just purrrfect  a little more pronounced sound than that we have at present I can see Noel getting a pair