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This is where we'll update you on how our trip is going.

15 Jan, 2009 - Uvalde, The Bend, to El Paso by Ruby

After leaving Lt. Dann in Houston with instructions to head for "The Big Bend" we rode good cold weather all the way to Uvalde. I had snot drops in the morning... cause my helmet won't shut properly, and the wind was fair blowin in!! we were all glad to stop for some hot food aways down. Quite a few border patrols... keeping the Mexicans from sneaking in, or drugs etc. One we had to stop at, and show our passports, turned out Bud, just wanted to have a meet and greet.

and then we saw some beautiful hills.... Dryden, a little town like so many others that are more than half dead... where do the people go?


just hangin with the guys... Seminole canyon area..... and a local, tho this one is a pic of a pic cause we ain't seen one yet!!!


or one of these, but isn't she lovely?... road side... and an old rail bridge still in use for humongous trains... such a neat ride, with the country changing all the time


we see some weird stuff on our travels, he was having a tantrum on the verge... The Trip thru THE BIG BEND was gob smackingly beautiful


See I get the bike in, just so as you know its really us.. look, big penis sez Noel!!!.. and some real prickly plants around, every corner showed us a new view of sheer delight.


some more miles.... this won't go away... I wanted to go to Mexico, but the Reo Grande was too damned cold! and yes, I got a String on... everyone should have a mural painted on their house, not bad huh?


an eccentric named Jim, bout our age has this wee little shack behind all this lovely stuff, he was telling me, that he spends 6months in New York, and 6 months here in Terlingua ( ghost town ) in the BIG BEND, and some of his friends will come down in March so they can all create another piece of art


our hotel, and room at Terlingua.. pretty basic the room, but the dinner and bartender was good, interesting is what I think I mean... so now we are in El Paso for the night, and Lt, Dann? hope you're recovered and reading this, cause without you, we would have missed one of the BEST and most SIGHT SEEING rides on the journey thus far. Sorry you wern't with us... Cheers for the experience.