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This is where we'll update you on how our trip is going.

18 Jan, 2009 - Phoenix, Arizona by Ruby

After traveling thru New Mexico... sooo stark and dry, we made it to Phoenix Arizona in time for dinner at Frank and Nancys.... Great to have a home cooked meal, and to catch up with them after last meeting up way back in Tuscany. When Frank senior and Dee had all their kids ( nine of them ) remember..and spouses, as well as us 4, n' Bill and Mimi for the family dinner. Jeez that seems so long ago. Anyway, Frank "Junior" loves making bread, and treated us to some samples next morning for breaky before we hit the road for Sally and Doug's place in Scottsdale Arizona... Noel and I had met this great couple when they stayed in my lodges, two years ago. So I was really lookin forward to a catch up!

shooting thru dry New Mexico..Frank and Nancy with Lizzy in Phoenix Arizona... copper and gold mine at Miami on the way up, remember there is more than one Miami... or most other places actually. The G.P.S often throws its dummy and gives us choices of the place we want to go, same name, but all over the country!


it was the hugest mine we have ever seen, it went for miles along the road, and inland... This hill is an example of erosion and heavy rains


this Saguaro is any where from 1 to 3 hundred years old. They don't get arms til they are at least 50yrs, and they grow to about 40 ft!!! this one is at Sally and Doug's place, who put on a gathering for us Sat night... we had a ball meeting all their friends. And as you can see, the dogs were pretty laid back about us being there. Noel and I went for a walk thru the desert, and round one of the mountains with Doug and the boys, sun morn... beautiful!! the desert has hundreds of different plants, and really not desolate like Texas, or New Mexico. Well it took us bout 2hours, and by the time we dragged ourselves home, it was time to go out to brunch. Chompers was the place... and the size of the meals left us all struggling, in-fact Doug and Sally took a doggy bag. Then Doug took us site seeing, while Sally went home to get ready for her concert. We got back mid arvo, and relaxed for a couple of hours before getting changed and driving down to one of the local bar where Doug jams with the regulars.. cool blues, he handles the sax just fine.... then into the car and off to Sallies concert... quite a big affair, with solo singers and musiciens... Whew! and the night isn't over. They take us to one of their favorite restaurants Mexican.... yummies! the food was brilliant, and the company perfect. Bloody tiring day tho, and when we finally got home, everyone went straight to bed. Another walk with Doug and the " boys " a new taste sensation for breaky made by Sally, and we were off to Sedona... but thats another story, cause Noels waiting to go to the gym. Once again, the hospitality of our American friends never ceases to amaze us..., Frank and Nancy, and Sally, Doug, Jake and Woody,.. thanks so much.. See you later.


tired out pooches.... the Sedona hills, more to come