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This is where we'll update you on how our trip is going.

14 Mar, 2008 - Stuck in SEATTLE by Emil

Hi everyone

Well we are not really stuck more like filling in time waiting for insurance papers to arrive before we head of into Canada. The computer is now up and going, wireless, all time consuming and a few headaches later we seem to have solved all problems. Fingers crossed.

Tuesday us all off on a bus trip to the Boeing plant at Everett.  A well worth while sight seeing excursion. This is where they are constructing the new  DREAMLINER the  787 ,the  latest plane from Boeing to tackle the skies. With 4 of these in the assembly line at various stages of completion just showed how large this building is. Next door to this were 2 completed Jumbos and another 4 being assembled, in 98 acres of shed.,and next door to this was another 6 - 8   triple7s , This shed was so large when it was built that when finished  they found out that it created its  own weather system and actually rained inside. To counteract that they had to install a humidifying system, It was amazing to look down on the people below and witness then scurrying about like ants ( more like cockroaches really ) and there were a lot of them , 29000 people work there. They have shops, cafes running tracks, 19 restaurants, 24 hour creche,  their own security force ,  the list just goes on. With all this security came the inevitable ,no photo's,  sorry

In the afternoon we ended up in downtown Seattle walking the streets, had a ride on the monorail, perused the Frank  Gehry building. What an interesting designed building, full of shapes and reflective colour.  After this we were off to the Seattle Aquarium.  A very different world, amazing sea life all sorts of fish, an otter or two, the odd seal thrown in and a reasonably large octopus. These creatures  we were told later are protected in and around  Seattle, you are allowed to play with them but no take away. Must upset some locals.

While at the aquarium Grumpy had a fit of histeria, that saw him rolling around the floor laughing his slim little gut off, tears running down his cheeks, a interlude that could have lasted all day, but lunch intervened. I should stop here because I am the reason for all of this. Unbeknown to  me I was so engrossed and absorbed in one of the exhibits, all I could hear was the rushing water tearing in through a cap between the rocks, of course, I took immediate action, fleet of foot and reactions of a ballet dancer, I evacuated the area in seconds, only to find that this wave or surge of water was contained behind a glass wall. Noel seeing this all happen,  just burst into a  bellyful of laughs. I dont think I will live this down for sometime.

To finish the day we were invited to dinner with some very lovely people that are related to Noels family. In fact they were Franks( San Francisco) younger brothers Dick & Bob. With them their two charming wives Kay & Mary-Anne . A view over looking the harbour, eastwards towards Seattle, the night lights and a mountain range called the Cascades. Thank you all for a lovely evening and a wonderful meal    

Tomorrow sees us heading for Canada, a long time school friend that I have not seen since  my teens  has invited to visit , so till then

Cheers and we will try and be safe