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This is where we'll update you on how our trip is going.

20 Jan, 2009 - Oak Creek Sedona, Meteor Crater. to Flagstaff by Ruby

OK, so this was a real interesting leg of the trip... thanks to a couple that got talking to us in a café.

Sedona hills were a brilliant mix of colors, predominately red, which is their claim to fame


a hundred acres to one cow ( almost )  and an areal view of the Meteor Crater, Bren and I saw this from the air when we flying to Vegas for the wedding


the crater is almost a mile across, theres snow on the cold side still.... and this could be Mt Ruapehu people..      


sculpture of an eagle in metals, the town was absolutely packed with artisans of all styles..... two more pics of the extraordinary colors of the  Oak Creek Sedona Hills. It really was a tiring, but interesting day. We never know whats round the corner with this journey.