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This is where we'll update you on how our trip is going.

21 Jan, 2009 - Flagstaff, Monument Valley, and on to the Grand Canyon by Ruby

This is just a taste of whats here at the Canyon... we really arrived too late to hang around, so will do it tomorrow. Bout 430 miles today. COLD for quite some time, but lovely and fine.

this cacti is back at Sally and Doug's, but I love them so much, reminds me of ghost plants.... Monument Valley, Navajo Tribal Park


another endless road coming to the canyon.... some moon like lookin hills at Monument Valley... and one of the hills


they were just fantastic!!! all the " Monuments " were sooo different. And the variation of colors..... must have been upheavals of different ages


just a wee taste of what we are in for tomorrow.... all this was at the first " out look " or in our talk, " look out " cheers for now.