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23 Jan, 2009 - Southern States Grand Canyon by Emil

Since leaving New Orleans there has been a lot of ground that has passed under our wheels and at a speed that makes our trips in NZ slow and boring We have traveled through all sorts of terrain , from hot dry climates ( desert ) to cool sharp nippy mornings of around 43 F into afternoon temps of 75 F . Though Houston and on into Texas we have witnessed a different type of splendor but spread over thousands of acres  and miles, down to the National Park of Big Bend and the Rio Grande , up into New Mexico and through into Arizona  Each state seems to have its own beauty from rock formations to different flora and vegetation the cactus is everywhere and so many different varieties , but most prominent was the Saguaro cactus , the  tall one we all see in those western movies 30 odd feet tall and around 150 yo  so we were told an amazing plant ,

As we ride passed our swing from side to side trying to take it all in , Me being mindful of  keeping my eyes attached to the back of Noels bikes  just in case he decides to stop when I least expect it , which does occasionally happens when tells him she needs to take a photo At 80 mph the pics tend to BLURRRRR 

From there we made our way to the Grand Canyon and stood where others have peering down into its depths The southern rim may not  be as specular as some of the others but it still manages to radiate its beauty splendor and power back to wards you  When noticing  people standing out on view points the Grand Canyon dwarfs them and I  once again are reminded how large America is

Meteor Crater
 UPDATE ::  I forgot to mention that on our ride to Grand Canyon , we were passing traffic like we normally do and I noticed a ute with chippies gear on board , as we passed he waved a reply back , then proceeded to chase us . Slowing down he pulled along side yelling that he was a KIWI  Within minutes we were having a cup of coffee on the Famous ROUTE 66  George as it turned out was from Gore  Southland  He'd been living here for 23 years after leaving NZ at 22  Its a long way from Gore to the states but I think he was glad to be able to talk to some other Kiwis over here