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25 Jan, 2009 - Grand Canyon to Laughlin by Ruby

Not much to write... the pics tell it all really, bloody amazing!!!!

we read all the distances, and depths of the rim, and points.... but really, it wouldn't make much difference while looking at the pics


I think you've seen the bike one, at the Monument.... there was still snow at the Grand Canyon, which we thought made it prettier


Hey, Nancy and Frank... cheers for the tip on going to Laughlin, its sooo cheap! and the people are real chatty, and we've got real good weather to use. Theres a big car race in the desert here this weekend, so its pretty full on. And before I forget, Dann, the Monuments were brilliant! we went up, turned round and came back the same day, some 450 miles that day, a real easy ride. There was some concern bout the weather closing in, at the Grand Canyon, so we had to move. As it turned out, cept for the cold it was fine all the way. After the Grand Canyon.. we got high jacked on the interstate by this crazy guy waving us down. Turns out he was a Kiwi long ago and just wanted a chat!! So we pulled into the Road Kill Café on Route 66 for brunch and brought him up to speed for a couple of hours before he had to carry on his way. George is his name, hi George hope to meet you and your family later in California.