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This is where we'll update you on how our trip is going.

27 Jan, 2009 - Laughlin, to San Diego by Ruby

Some really great clear days, and awesome stuff to see. Laughln we left two days ago... just as well cause we all lost some money at the tables/ pokies. But it was a lot of fun.... live music, and a great gym up the road at another hotel me and Noel sneaked into, to work off all the free booze.

just some lonely church on the way out of Yuma..... and into real desert on the way to San Diego, before the mountains


we wern't sure if he was gonna go over or under the wires,... dusting the irrigated paddocks in the desert... and how can one home generate so much junk!!! heaps of places like this coming over the mountains into San Diego


same house... the café where we had brunch with George the other day... and way in the distance, the Colorado river where they suck the water from for all the irrigation for thousands of acres of farms in the deserts. Its amazing all the huge channels, miles of them, one paddock will be green, where as the very next one to it is desert! We are going to Sea World tomorrow.