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28 Jan, 2009 - San Diego Sea World by Ruby

I think some times... OK, so what else is there to see in this amazing country??? on our last leg of the trip???? well, here it is, mammals and animals and their incredibly patient loving trainers. I guess this one is mostly for the kids, some of whom one day, will get to share these wonders too.

me and some other kids waiting their turn... these flamingo were taller than us, and yes, if you feed them red stuff.. shrimps etc they will change their colour... one of the very clever dogs in the kids show, there were cats, pigs, doves, and ducks all doing " Tricks" or like the trainers say, just doing what they like doing best..


that black cat is real!!! they climbed poles, chased the dogs.. dogs set tables, opened doors, sent flags flying... and these props to just give you an idea of how fun it all was... dogs taking a bow


the bears wouldn't budge.... the Beluga whale wouldn't surface... and the catfish stayed perfectly still for me, all taken thru glass


itchy penguin,look at me! look at me! penguin, and give me ten good reasons why I should take off my coat in this cold hole! penguin... and then there's the wet and dry Puffin


the driest Manatee we could find... and the Killer whales were amazing, size does too count.... and how high you can jump...


if I had my life over, I would train with the mammals...dive with the dolphins who were sooo fast, and the otter taking his bow, after a hilarious performance with seal lions ( the little otters looked like ferrets ) this was a real memorable day for us all... til we get Alzheimer's, that is......