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31 Jan, 2009 - San Diego North by Emil

Well after spending time in San Diego mainly to visit the  Sea world Marine Park   What an experience it was too , to see what can be achieved with time, teaching animals to behave in a manner that  leaves you with  a immense feeling of bewilderment  You can not but  admire their intelligence   Well worth the entrance fee

We moved on to find a Victory dealer  (Not an easy exercises as 2 were no longer  in existence ) Eventually we found NCY Victory Dealers  who were only to glad to help out and do what was required   Many thanks Andy 

From there Noel needed to find a Nolan dealer (Helmet) While there I noticed all these CHP patrol bikes and started talking to Officer Dave about his occupation and discussed how he enjoyed his work  It was amazing to note how much equipment he had on his bike Over $12000  worth  After  a  pleasant interlude  we said our farewells and starting on our way up to the Salton Sea area , stopping at an quaint township called Romona for a belated lunch The weather is now in the high  70s and very   enjoyable riding conditions although late afternoons when the sun starts receding it tends to cool off quickly  the rides have been great with little traffic and easy The area close to San Diego reminded me of some of the yuppie areas we get back home all small blocks with horses  and flash cars , but as we moved further away into country the towns of Julian  and Romona seemed to have been left as they would have looked in the 50s  All very nice and touristy  We pulled into Indio on dark , finding a bed at  one of the Indian Casino Resorts  Very nice and well kept 

Today we carried on north , doing some of the Old Route 66 as we went  I have to say the road is now showing its age and was real rough in patches , hence for that reason there was no traffic at all but in the end the only option was to get on the main highway  and head into Barstow The sights that we saw on this ride today were Bristol Dry Lakes . The Amboy Crater , looked like a mini Table top mountain  and the   sight that will stay in my mind for some time was the volume of rail freight  that was being moved in both directions  3 locos pulling up towards 100- 120 wagons , it certainly a big business over here , because besides the trains there are as many trucks plying the highways        

CHP Officer Dave trying out the VISIONBristol Dry Lakes