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This is where we'll update you on how our trip is going.

01 Feb, 2009 - Indio, Barstow California, Boulder City Nevada, by Ruby

Here's some pics of the last few days... its been great riding as Em wrote. And I'm still blown away with all the different things to see in the deserts, and how even the deserts are different from one another.

some of the roads seem never ending... this is a 'better' example of van with people living right on the street!... and heaps of people just beg any ole where, this was at a busy intersection, yesterday it was a young guy at it... people just give them money out their car windows.


heres the Amboy Crater Em mentioned, at Pisgah... the lava went for miles!... and sooo many little homes way out in the never nevers.....


 help! I'm stuck!!.... she didn't make it... naa just kidding. The salt flats/ desert we went thru were in Mt Bristol Dry lake, and there was this gianormous chloride plant working ,  real puggy, and very deceiving as Noel and the girl found out. This stand of Joshua trees, by the size of them are about 300 to 400 hundred years old!


just some ole bulldog waitin for his equally as old master... this is the other beggar, sometimes we see his and her teams.... and a shop decoration