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03 Feb, 2009 - Pahrump, Nevada by Ruby

OKey Dokey... so this is my second writing in one evening!! and we have had dinner and FREE GAMBLING in between! not bad for the old bums hey..

any gold???? ... and a couple of views of Hoover Dam, man! fine, but still not warm enough to take jackets off for long.The Dam was really impressive, all the work they are doing, making a new bridge high in the air, in case some dippo decides to blow it to kingdom come.. and the water level is waay down in this dam, and all dams, and reservoirs that we have seen here, and in Europe. Makes you wonder how long the supplies are going to last really.


these are some of the views of Valley of Fire National Park that we rode thru after the dam...


that mountain in the distance looked just like a mirage... me... and some more of the colours of this magnificent desert.


once again looking over Noels helmet.... heaps of cave-lets in the hills,... and they had names for most of the clumpings, but this one I decided had to be called prehistoric turds. Really impressive. We also went past Lake Mead today.... Bren's probably got pics to be cut yet. Well, its been a great days drive after stopping at Boulder for three days. First night in the hotel Noel and I had a few drinks and chat with some of the locals before going into dinner... well it was all down hill from there, he had a dinner that had some sort of spicy prawns on it, and those in the know what that does!! My darlin went to bed feeling grotty, and woke me up in the middle of the night with this sound coming from the bathroom... like a sea lion on heat! cept he was SICK, SICK, SICK!and spent the next day and a half dying in bed, just lucky Em had to get some work done on his bike, cause Noel was in no condition to ride. But it did give me the opportunity to jog thru the desert on a bikers road. Real interesting meeting all the dogs out for their constitutional. and don't worry family... he is back to his smiley self now.