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This is where we'll update you on how our trip is going.

04 Feb, 2009 - Lone Pine California, via Death Valley and Scotty's Castle by Ruby

Another 250 miles or so today... perfect weather, great roads for the most part, and heaps more to see.

next stop, Death Valley.... Bren and the old boys checking the map. ( I don't think they've noticed she's showing them the sign!! ).. and off thru the valley


just some more beautiful rocks n' hills... and sooo many endless roads.... yaaa 40 thousand miles on the clock, which reminds me, we got up to 110 miles per hr yesterday, fair flying! the vibrations went thru my feet, and up to my head! better than a massage any day.


see the castle in the distance? its called Scotty's Castle... god only knows why, cause by all accounts he was not very popular, its  now a tourist attraction cum museum, run by parks department with guides dressed in 20's costumes, way out in the sticks on a side road of Death Valley.. it was sooo funny tho, bout 50 miles back down the road at a garage,earlier, we got talking to some bikeys that warned us about the Ravens opening zips and stealing food. Not giving it another thought we all bowled in for lunch at the castle.When Noel just happened to stand up and look out the window, and sure enough there was a raven on Ems bag with something in its mouth! when we finally went out, Bren discovered they had opened the back pack, and stolen all her dried cranberries, and half a bag of cough drops!!! we all reckoned the bird should be immune from the flu for at least 6 months.


forget about dolphin training, I think I'll just hop into forensics, these are the Ravens prints... now all we gotta do is catch the cheeky pecker. And the last of the hills, every colour under the rainbow you can find in them thar hills..... staying at a motel, that over the road, John Wayne used to stay at... be still my heart..