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This is where we'll update you on how our trip is going.

16 Mar, 2008 - CANADA by Ruby

It was a wet & slippery Friday morning when we at last checked out of our Seattle hotel, albeit without the required Canadian insurance card. American post & Progressive Insurance combined to fail to deliver from Monday to Thursday, so we set off with a faxed copy.

It  was to be our FIRST wet road experience, bloody scary, plenty of stress, a few short tempers, but, thankfully no incidents.

Riding at 70 - 75 mph along side humongeus truck rigs in total raindriven blindness, hoping for the best until passed.  Managed to miss the 3 meter long piece of 100 x 100mm post lying daiagonally across one of the lane lines, would have absolutely totally wrecked us if hit.

Next thing, we arrive at Canadian border, in total doubt as to wether we will get thru, no worries, " how long you people in Canada for? " stamp the passport and enjoy your holiday. Easy as.

Find a shopping mall at Richmond, our accomodation destination, and instantly attract attention from all sorts, definitly friendly.Buy some Canadian dollars, coffee and head off to Numbnuts arranged accom. He will continue.....

We arrived at our friends Jim and Marilyns late afternoon, nice to meet up after so many years, close to forty, so it had been awhile. Of course he had changed, older and I suppose wiser. I should have known he was always a clever bugger !!!!!!

They both escorted us around Vancouver showing us the sights and we spent some relaxing moments in Stanley Park. Will be sad to leave but if we are to see this large country we have to keep moving. Jim has checked out the local web pages for road conditions and it seems it will be all go for tomorrow to take Highway 5 & 1 heading for Revelstoke

Till then BYE