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This is where we'll update you on how our trip is going.

05 Feb, 2009 - Gardnerville, Nevada by Ruby

We left Lone Pine after a run and a muffin... and NOT prepared for the weather change.... by the time we stopped for brunch at Lee Vining ( yet another cowboy town in the Inyo National Forest, ) we were freezing!!! and all put on our Bumble Bee suits.

Spring is in the air.... if you stop, you freeze...check out the mountains, they are called the Sierra Nevadas... a continuation of the Rockies???. Right there!!


check out the different colours once again... and see those little black dots in the forefront? they are ELK!!! finally I have seen some real animals!!! cept I didn't know I had seen them til I cut the pics, as blind as a bat! the other day there was this black plastic bag waving around on the back of a truck, and I thought it was a dogs tail.. duh!

Bronze bear at Lee Vining.. are these really ice bergs? in the Mono National Forest... then on over the Devils gate Summit, at 7500 ft or was it the Conway Summit that was 8100 ft... and yesterday, we passed Dead Water in the Death Valley, which is the second lowest point on the planet, the Dead sea being the lowest of course.


just cute, passed today,.. just old passed yesterday,.. and our own personal guide thru road works at Lake Mead, after Hoover Dam the other day. All in all, its been a great few days ride of things to see. Made me laugh to myself, yesterday Noel and Emil said they were all deserted out, and we end up in cold mountains the very next day!! beware of what you wish for me thinks.