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This is where we'll update you on how our trip is going.

04 Feb, 2009 - North through Death Valley by Emil

We are closing in on San Francisco, not at the hectic pace as the last few months, but more of a leisurely stroll , but the speed  stays the same Short trips and spending more time in  out of the way places that don't tend to be as expensive So what have we seen .... Ive come to the conclusion that vast areas of America  is made up of desert and waste land and all else is just  plain ROCK Rock everywhere, no wonder the roads are so great to ride on, bar a few , one of those would be the Old Route 66 portions of it are good but whats bad is BAD  ,  so when we stayed over in Boulder City I took the opportunity to seek out the Las Vegas Victory Dealer  Arleen Ness  With Noel out of action for a day and in bed  in recovery mode  (Upset tummy ..poor boy  a case of too many shrimps .. had him firing at both ends )

This shop had about 15 Visions on the floor plus a good number of other bikes, including custom bikes ,all bells and whistles ,chrome and paint jobs that defy description. Some would say wonderful while others would wonder why people  would spend $$10 -- 15000 on a paint job ,Though I have seen some of these bikes on trailers being transported to their destination instead of being ridden throughout our trip across the US of Apparently these  bikers are called Trailer Queens  but back home we might call them Show Ponies            

Today the bikes have  clocked up over 40000 miles and are running so sweet they are a pleasure to ride , so with   not many more miles to go before we get to San Francisco we will  then   ship them  back home