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This is where we'll update you on how our trip is going.

06 Feb, 2009 - North Highlands Sacramento, California by Ruby
From Gardnerville this morning.... we went to Reno to visit the local bike shop,( only 50 miles ) and they advised us about the weather going over the Donner Summit. Which was predicted to be closing in... meaning snow and chains. What a sight that would be on the bikes. But we decided to try it anyways... cause the road patrol people, not really sure what they are called, would tell us if we could go over or not. As it turned out the snow started as we started climbing, but no one stopped us, so we carried on. Bleak and cold with ice on the road warnings... but really, everything was fine. I think the place we stopped at for lunch was Coleville, anyways it was up and over the worst of the snow and cold. Which then took us down the other side of  Donner Summit, past the Lake Tahoe sign and finally into North Highlands Sacramento. After the dull snow leaden skies it opened up to sooo amazing cloud formations. We are stopping here for the night, and depending on the weather tomorrow,we will find ourselves some where else! We may even go back up to the lake, cause we have plenty of days up our sleeves... then no days at all, how sad will that be??? only 210 miles today.