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07 Feb, 2009 - Californee i aaa by Emil

We have now crossed over the Sierra- Nevada  Mountain range and are now in California , having spent the last few days traveling north alongside this range , then over the range in snow like conditions ending up just north of Sacramento , this ride certainly was a change to what we have been accustom too over the past few weeks Unfortunately at this stage we have not visited Lake Tahoe or Yosemite National Park  because of the weather  A cold snap    that may  last a week has swept over California bringing at long last much needed rain

I have seen more desert and rock formations  in the last few months   to last me a lifetime  America seems to consist of desert and vast expanses of waste land made up of sand and ROCK Its every where you look  All colours and shape, the desert spreads out before you enveloping your vision with semi deadness ,barren in places and brutal in others   This is not to say that it doesn't have a beauty  that strikes you as appealing and intoxicating    From Texas across to the West Coast , the land scape changes from state to state leaving you with an impression of utter amazement .  Then appearing before you a township appears in a shimmering haze that leaves you wondering why in hell would anyone live here   On reflection you can but I have seen the desert  in winter, with temperatures around the mid 70s F.  I could change my opinion when the temperature is in the 120s F Although I have seen pictures of what the countryside  looks like in spring , wild flowers and cactus blooms it maybe worth another visit    One observation that  seems unnatural is the practice of people trying to farm this land leave me with an impression also  There seems to be an endless supply of water , irrigation is everywhere whole fields that stretch for miles watering all sorts of crops , from Lucerne to vegetables Golf courses that seem out of place compared to the surrounding vista  

Thats my thoughts , cheers

Below is a Dairy unit that we saw outside El Paso  It must have had 3000 cows, all lot feeding , it was huge  and I wondered how they managed in the heat