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This is where we'll update you on how our trip is going.

08 Feb, 2009 - Angels Camp, California by Ruby


riding into Angels Camp, town established     ... this chunk o' gold has a 2 million price tag!!!... and all up and down the street are these plaques with the winning frog jumping contestants distance jumped.

oldest standing school in California, opened in 1865 from money raised from a dance at the local billiard hall.... info on the town,which was Founded by George Angel..the area was, not sure if it still is.... very rich in gems as well as gold. Mark Twains Famous story the Jumping Frog hales from this area. Heaps of stuff is frog orientated here, really cute.


Prince charming... our bikes down the street... and our dream machine ( at the moment ) just waiting for a Lotto win...


here's something funny, these lovely manicured plants we see here, growing, growing, every where! even into our room!! so how determined is that!!


hedge people in Sacramento... and there were a lot of nice commercial buildings... and THE CAR AGAIN!! the top folds down, its a big engine, and theres only room for two. We tried to talk the dealer into swapping it for our cars back home, he just laughed.