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This is where we'll update you on how our trip is going.

10 Feb, 2009 - Fresno by Ruby

No news is good news, I suppose..... tho we had a really nice ride thru the hills / mountain sides from Angels camp, and thru the Mother lode country

it was pretty murky most of the time, but some of the scenery was awesome... sooo huge once again. Have to say, the other day was pretty boring for me and Noel, cause it looked too much like home, what with all the green paddocks and cows...( not saying home is boring...just had it forever!) whereas the deserts and mountains are completely different. Top right pic is a huge reservoir breasting the top of the hills, we by passed the Yosemite's cause of the snow, not allowed up without chains once more... do bikes have chains????


we followed the winding roads at the base of the snow line mostly.... tho it did snow, which we rode thru for quite a while, but not as cold as recent days. This area is, or was, sooo rich. Heaps of mines, and old towns left to struggle after their heyday