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This is where we'll update you on how our trip is going.

11 Feb, 2009 - Pacifica, California by Ruby

From Fresno, we came up to San Francisco to where we first started a trip that seems a life time ago,to catch up with Don, and his lovely wife Crystal... at his bike shop Scuderia..... to say hi, we made it!!. And to check up on the work he's going to do on the bikes next week before we ship them home.

see.... some more of what looks like home. Tho this is irrigated by huge canals of water... and over into San Francisco and lots of lovely buildings


meeting the skyline.... guess who's got the blond spikes now!! Don, with Bren, Em, and Noel out side his shop...


I noticed this grotty pub over the road from Scuderia last time.... it looks derelict, but there are patrons inside, and I do not know what this sign means on their side door. Back then, we were advised not to frequent it, cause of the rough clientèle, but a year later,and with some of the places we have been, I reckon we'd be OK.The whole area is real interesting... older, with elegant apartments not all too well kept, with magnificently painted old houses that Bren took pics of.... must remind her to put some in. It was raining as we left Dons, for a ride not too far down the coast, which is absolutely wild! at the moment... Looks like they have had a bit of rain and wind, and the sea is sooo busy. We took a walk down to the pier, and there were warning signs all over the place to mind the waves that can curl over the walks! P.S.. the other day when we were coming out of Lone Pine, I got all excited and told you I saw some Elk. Well Emil zoomed in on the pics and told me he thought they were mules, which I disputed, cause he couldnt prove it. But being the person I am, I had to know... so have just googled ELK and sad to say, what I saw was MULES!!! damn it, the Elk story was better. But he was right, and I havent seen any Elk on this trip... So I am off to find Em, and tell him.