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12 Feb, 2009 - Back to San Francisco by Emil

    THE DON     Scuderia West Motorcycles

Well here we are back where we started from , with Don who introduced  us to the Visions in October 2007 .  Thats when Noel and I flew across to test ride these new machines, since then a lot of mileage and tarmac has  passed under these bikes in those months , 41000 miles or in our case 66000 ks to be  precise . The decision we made to buy Victory Visions has never been regretted  , and the enjoyment we have had riding them, was the best choice we could have made   SO now we are back in San Francisco doing the finale preparations  so that  they can be shipped home to NZ

 We traveled here via Sacramento , riding down the western side of the Sierra-Nevadas , staying at Fresno and then onto San Francisco . The land has taken on a different form and reminds us of being at times back home , some Northland , with citrus trees  nuts  etc , grazing land but with low stock numbers  The paddocks at this time of the year you would expect to be green but they were far from it, within a couple of weeks they would have no feed available and I have noticed throughout the last month or two  have  encountered large trucks transporting hay and lucerne all over the place   Growing feed  here seems to be a big business     

 While in Fresno,  Brenda and I took a trip down to Tulare ,as there was a  agricultural field-day  that we thought would be interesting to check out . Apparently its  meant to be the largest in the world .,!!!  they may have 10000s of visitors through , some of the farm equipment may be extra large by NZ standards,  but I don't think in my one eyed view ,thats its a patch on Mystery Creek (NZs famous field day)  They just didn't seem to have innovativeness especially in the dairy sector. One dairy unit that we stopped and had a  look at close to the road , contained 2300 milking cows all under roof and stand off pads  But that was all the information the Mexican worker could convey to me  It would have been nice to have a nosy around as they were milking at the time

 So now we are at the  coastal town  of Pacifica just south of San Francisco  The Pacific Ocean right next to us ,You can smell Home , just 13 hours away by plane See youy all soon