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This is where we'll update you on how our trip is going.

13 Feb, 2009 - Friday the thirteenth at Santa Cruz, California by Ruby

Not too far down the coast from Pacifica, we have stopped at Santa Cruz for the next three nights....There is a big push bike event all up this coastline over the weekend, and its Valentines, so the accommodation was pretty full. Left thinking the fore warned rain wasn't going to happen... ho hum, no such luck. Had to stop not too far in the ride to put our bumble bee suits on over wet, getting wetter by the mile, bike gear! Such a lovely coast line... similar to home really.

watching the rain get closer and closer.... huge road works has seen this old war, gun emplacement thingy left high and dry on top of the cliffs on the Cabrillo Highway, which runs all the way down to Santa Cruz here...... fat seagull


for the kids, from baby seagull,.. to adult seagull...all waiting for food on the pier... and some beach cats, ( looks sooo much like Scruffy )


dog in a shop window... and a tabby in camouflage.... with his friend taking it easy amongst the collectibles in someones back yard. Real busy day yesterday....