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This is where we'll update you on how our trip is going.

18 Mar, 2008 - Vancouver to Sorrento by Emil

Yesterday we said our farewells to Vancouver and set off towards Calgary

The weather was on the cool  side but the roads were dry. For the first time we had our thermals on as we knew we were going to be heading up into the hills. We all had seen the snow on the mountain ranges from Vancouver , but did not expect to see snow all around us a few hours later.  What a sight and thrill. I suppose the people that drove passed us thought we were crazy, as were were the only bikers on the road but unless we keep pressing on we wont be in New York by the end of May. Grumpy is now saying to me, its a bloody big place!!  We only traveled 2 fingers width since lunch as he studies the map  Yesterday we managed to cover 400 ks, most off it as a reasonable clip. Our bikes have dual mileage and kilometres settings which has proved to be a blessing and cruise control makes it easier to sit behind vehicles and take it easy. One part of the road narrowed down to 2 lanes for awhile, traffic in different directions, a truck  passed and the wind nearly blew us off the bikes, it just reminded me that you have too stay alert

Today, late morning  we will pack up and weather beholding, head towards Calgary, yesterday the temperature read -1 F degree at one stage ,that was a little cold but once down from the hill climbed back up to 7 degrees today I suspect more off the same             

cheers for now