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This is where we'll update you on how our trip is going.

16 Feb, 2009 - Santa Cruz leg of California Push Bike race... 2009 by Ruby

Whoa.. we have had such a cool day after being confined to our motel rooms for the last two, because of rain!!!

boys and their toys, some things never change... hairy Mclairys brother... finish line... and some very patient bystanders expressions... the cyclists were later than predicted, because of the bad weather. There was even talk of cutting out the hill/ mountain just on the out skirts of Santa Cruz for a while, but finally they did the whole leg...


the first lot in, Lance Armstrong came out of retirement for the race.... but I do not know what he looks like to say if he did any good. Because of the weather, there were not as many people as expected which was a shame. But it was fun for us that were there, live bands, heaps of freebies. We were even given some dog nuts, one of the packets I offered to this homeless guy with his dog. He thanked me, and said she probably didn't like them, and proceeded to eat them himself! Tell you the truth, the dog was not skinny... we see heaps of homeless people with dogs, sometimes two or three. Most wheel around their belongings in shopping carts, and the funniest / saddest? was this little old lady ( she looked our mothers age ) in layers of rags, with three dogs. One big mongrel on a lead, and two little bitser's sitting atop her belongings in the trolley.


any ways, we had a coffee, watched the race, talked to an ex Kiwi and his American wife, and wondered back down to the Pier where there are literally TONS, of sea lions, and the odd pelican


I won't breathe on you, if you promise.... two old male sea lions....  and some views of the pelicans, one was completely soaked from the recent downpour, and landed just as we arrived, but soon dried out to show us his colours.


they are just sooo beautiful, there was one with a black mane the other day, not sure if its cause its older, or the opposite sex, no one could tell me.


haven't seen parents with babies for ages... damn thing would not regurgitate anyway... and seconds before the hail came down this gull was headed for shelter .... we had everything today, cept snow. Pretty cold all the while.


one chubby human, dressed up like a seal,braving the freezing waters in total disregard to the man eaters waiting underneath!!!

All this FREE stuff in one day, how cool is that!! and in between it all, we managed to celebrate Grumpys Birthday... my ever lovin husband, Noel