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This is where we'll update you on how our trip is going.

20 Feb, 2009 - Walking San Francisco Bay by Ruby

We have walked for miles these last couple of days, while the bikes are being worked on......

we did the Fort Mason area... all the way round the bay, passing yet more bums and their gear in shopping carts


book ends... two delightful New Newfoundlands out for their walk.... ho hum. Much more fur than ours in N.Z these boys are only a couple of years old


bored seagull.... got down to the Golden Gate Bridge.... and chatted with one of many dog walkers, he chucked his desk job to take care of the woofers


biggest airship we have ever seen.... just a little flutterbye..... and the Palace of Fine Arts  Exploreatorium


Grumpy wandering around, the Palace was actually closed for renovations, but the park was lovely,... and Alcatraz waay in the background. Sooo much to see in San Fran, and this was just one end of the bay!! got the bikes back this arvo, am on our way to John and Ann's tomorrow