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This is where we'll update you on how our trip is going.

22 Feb, 2009 - Mountain View, San Francisco by Ruby

It was pretty fine weather on the drive down to Mountain View, just south of San Francisco.... the roads are interesting to say the least in these parts. But did finally haul up to John and Ann's late arvo. To a wonderful surprise... New Zealand lamb roast dinner!!! mmm,mmm. But before we settled down to dinner, there was cups of tea, then wine and crackers, and heaps of whats going on back home. Ann's mum and brother still live in Kiwi land... so there was a lot of nostalgia going on.

KIWIS....backing up to in the morning before we got to our friends place, we stopped off at one of Arlen Ness's Victory Vision shops ( is the best way I can describe it ) and met BOB, the sales manager, who kindly showed us around the whole place! work shop and all... it was great seeing so much of Ness's work, especially on the Victory's ( those being our most favouritist bike ! ) Thats Bob, with the old guys in front of a dream machine


us at the shop... me and Bren fooling around... and this blue one is on its way to Russia... the art work and the way they redefine the bodies of the bikes is really incredible,


same one sorry, doesn't want to delete..... we probably spent a good hour looking at the bikes... thought this was cute


there is a museum section with heaps more bikes... heres some of the rainy weather we hit when we left John and Ann's, we had such a neat night, played a game called Taboo, something like charades, heaps of fun. Then poker, which Noel thought was great, cause he won!! In the morning Noel and I dragged ourselves out of bed to go to the gym with John... SWEATY!!! great way to get rid of the booze, back home to a Kiwi breaky and on the road again. See you guys in a couple of years... cheers and fond  memories


We got this close to the Hearst Castle, it was 4pm by the time we arrived, and the last tour had gone, Grrrr, Just a bumper sticker that is perfect for Noel!!! and a night time view of the Bridge from our motel room in San Fran. The winding road down the coast to Los Angeles was really beautiful, especially when it stopped raining. Haven't done the pics tho... The Warranty stuff that Victory Vision did on our bikes with Dons boys expertise is brilliant! Almost looks like new! cheers for that guys.