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This is where we'll update you on how our trip is going.

25 Feb, 2009 - Kettle man, California by Ruby

The boys rode the bikes down the road for the last time, to Cycle Dragon at 9am to John, Mike, and Phil, to be crated up for shipping for home. They all worked on crating the bikes, which apparently was a big job, with heaps of padding and straps to make sure they arrive home in one piece. So, from Grumpy, and Numnuts, many thanks to John, Mike, and Phil. Bren and I stayed back at the motel to pack up and wait... and wait... and wait. We ended up outside in the parking lot til 1.30pm!!! At least we got some reading done in the sun. Old guys rolled up in a big car, a Buick, dunno wot sort, and we loaded up and headed off. When we got far enough out of the city, we found a grubby little Mexican diner that had the BESTEST FOOD YUMMIES...

nothing to do with anything... but this is the largest Stingray in the world!!! I saw on the news this morning, bad pic cause its off the T.V, they were just tagging and releasing, but while she was in captivity, she had 8 babies!! cool huh? and my resturant.... and roads on the edge of L.A


some of the mountains we had to drive over to reach the other side, ha ha.... oranges off to the big Squeeze... and quite a few working oil drills. All in all, a pretty boring day in the car... we were all yawning our heads off by the time we stopped here, in Kettle man City