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This is where we'll update you on how our trip is going.

26 Feb, 2009 - Back at San Francisco by Ruby

Another boring day in the car.. We saw hundreds of acres of fruit trees, and battery farmed beef quite yuk really, hundreds of beasts standing in boggy yards just eating, and waiting to grow big enough to be chopped up for hamburgers does it make me want to be a vegetarian? sad to admit, but no ... so here are some pics you haven't seen yet, and a couple of favorites

my feet in our first snow in the back yard of Maureen's and Cliffs at Calgary, back in 23rd March 2008.... a spider gate, and some sea thingys at the Aquarium in Seattle, same month


All 2008...Soiux City where we got the pipes changed in April... foolin around in Ottawa beginning of May... and you have seen these dogs.. New York


On the ship in May... to England, tree fungi... silly hat party... Foxy waiting for his dinner, Sweden June... remember this expression?


my all time funniest, first day into Portugal... and remember when he was hairy???... I made Tinkers this rain coat in Arnay France ( he's Noels keyring mascot ) and now we have to change and go out to dinner with Don and Crystal at a German restaurant, here in San Fran.... see you later