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This is where we'll update you on how our trip is going.

04 Mar, 2009 - Back to New Zealand by Ruby
Finally got back home.... pretty exhausted, but real happy. It was just so cool seeing good ole N.Z. Our big kids were waiting at the airport with a placade, real nice, We left Bren and Em  waiting for thier friends to pick them up... so Noel and I stopped at the kids place for breakfast, then on the road for a three hour drive to home. Really green at the moment, and to drive into our home was wonderful. Everything has grown sooo well over the year. But I have no pics til I get home today. We are actually staying at Noels parents for the night at Whangarei. This note is really to let you know I am keeping the journal up for a while.... so getting back into the grind, will be shared. Just wait for the pics..... til then, hi to all our new friends and aquaintances.