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This is where we'll update you on how our trip is going.

06 Mar, 2009 - The pics from last hours in San Fran.... to home by Ruby

Yaaa I'm hooked up and everything seems to be working. Been a mad house ever since we made it home, visiting aged peas, getting the lawn mower ready. And low and behold, Noel and I arrived home last night from town, there were two ladies knocking on our door, looking for accommodation! Talk about diving straight back into it. Mad rush to prepare a room, and hunt around for something to cook for dinner.... GREAT TO BE BACK!!!!

ensconced in our seats.... and first drinkies, followed by a delicious meal by Air New Zealand....we watched three movies, drank more wine, had about an hours sleep before they woke us for breaky. The last view of San Francisco thru the plane window, had picked up a bit of speed by then


Sooo cool, Claire, Aarron, and Troy welcoming us home, Noels daughter, son, and our son inlaw... and Spatz the dog checking out the new arrivals, he is the hugest Great Dane, that lives with a lab, and three cats in Troy and Claire's home. Amy and baby Naomi were waiting for us when we arrived back at the house.... The girls put on a great breakfast, and we then headed for home.


Part of Auckland City, where we landed..... new tunnels on the way home... and headed up North, every thing is sooo green, very pretty


look what the cheeky buggers did! locked us out and sold the place..... naaa just havin us on, first two sights of our home, Yaaaaa.. so great to be back after such an amazing journey. I guess it won't really stop, just maybe be different. Will keep you up to date on the happenings around here, cheers, and hi to all our friends and acquaintances we met over seas