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This is where we'll update you on how our trip is going.

07 Mar, 2009 - Our home, mostly... by Ruby

OK, so now the journey is over, we're back to work,and spent yesterday mowing lawns... about 5 acres of them. And its hot!!! been sorting out boxes, and generally cleaning up our travel stuff

Gary and Steve our delightful couple that ran my business, and looked after the place while we were away... House,.. and morning light in the lounge, you will see paintings, and Totem poles about the place... thats what I do in some of my spare time.


some of the gardens Noel and I planted 5 years ago... looking over the lake to the spa and gym building... just another peek at our house


back view of the lodges, and house... as you can see, we have built and planted the lodges for privacy... and Noel off to start the lawns. To night Gary and Steve, are putting on a farewell for them, and a welcome home for us... so that should be a lot of fun, and nice to catch up with our neighbors and friends again. Then tomorrow I have guests coming in, so I guess I had better not drink too much!!