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10 Mar, 2009 - BACK in New Zealand by Emil

Here we are at last back home in NZ , one year to the day , having travelled through 30 countries and 40 odd states . An odyssey ,an adventure or a trip of a life time ,  which ever way you may wish to view it , its certainty been a massive undertaking on all of our parts . One of which when we first started was filled with  doubt and apprehension , but as time drew near  to the date of departure , the anticipation of the what we were about to undertake seemed to fill every moment with excitement  and we forgot our  earlier misgivings . That was certainly the case when once we all arrived in San Francisco where a limo was waiting to take us all to see DON at SCUDERIA WEST  and our awaiting  VICTORY VISIONS  .  Don ,  true to his word,  had these beautiful and immaculately machines prepared and all ready to ride , of coarse , all we had to do was hand over the money, and ride off into the sunset .  

Well if you have been  following the blog ( Web Site ) you should by  now know,  that one year later, we are now back home in New Zealand. Its certainly been a journey to remember from the snow covered ROCKIES , the vast distances between stops, to the many wonderful and friendly people that befriended us , provided meals and a bed or two , motel staff to diner waitresses, not only in the USA but EUROPE as well.  In some places of coarse we struggled at times with the language, through smiling and vigorous hand signals we usually managed to convey our needs . We never went hungry and always found somewhere to sleep  , it may have been seedy in one or two places but the sheets were always clean.  I would like to mention that I believe, because we were riding these new bikes, Victory Visions , we were treated like we were from out of this world,  in fact at times these bikes seemed to carry a STAR quality about them. More or less unheard of and unseen before,  people were drawn to them like magnets.  Their sweeping smooth lines just bedazzled people from all walks of life  and I found in  Italy the population adored them , being Italians, they  just admired the style, walking away muttering   BELISSIMO

And with that I our thanks to Victory for having the foresight to steep outside the square and design a radical shaped machine , that if it was a car, would have a prestigious name of one of those Italian thoroughbreds.  To all the people from Victory that we have meet and been associated with, to all those dealers that we have come into contact with through travels , you were all great to talk too, all your advise and assistance was greatly appreciated and with that,  made this adventure something we will all cherish for the rest of our lives. To have achieved this with two very new Victory models clocking up nearly 42000 miles ( 67000 ks)  and no major mechanical problems,  including not one puncture  , is testament that these bikes are going to be well received by those who seek something special, it also speaks volumes for Victory’s strive for excellence. 

Now we await for the bikes to arrive , by ship to our shores , after a year in the saddle these last few weeks have felt strange no bike no  enjoyment  we seemed lost without them  The last of our summer weather  is here I just hope our autumn  provides us with some nice riding weather , so we can hit the road and put more miles on these Visions.  But if its not who cares we will just go riding,  we are used to that . So those who find themselves down under and in our neck of the woods drop us a line and we will see what we can do

From Us Bums


Cheers   Emil & Brenda