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28 Sep, 2007 - San Francisco by Emil
Preparation for our overseas trip has taken a huge leap forward in the last few days .

After further reading and surfing the net Noel found a report about a new American Bike that has for a number of years been in development, had finally hit the streets and the makers VICTORY were holding test rides, one just happened to be in the area of San Francisco We had to be there…….  Would the girls allows us………  Of course they would, aren’t they darlings!

This set of wheels known as the Victory Vision has been on display in the USA for about 3 weeks now, road testing and forming a following amongst die hard V Twin enthusiasts all over the country.

A bike that seems to be designed for the future with flowing lines and plenty of power, something out of a Buck Rogers era.

Would we enjoy the ride and the way it handled?

The only way to find out was to be there and take this baby for a ride………..

So that’s what we did.

After arriving at San Fran airport we had our hire bikes beneath our bums and we were off. On the right side of the road amongst the late afternoon traffic heading north over the Golden Gate Bridge towards our accommodation for the next 5 nights.

We both knew this was a challenge in it self, different bikes, different road rules higher speeds, directional dysfunction all adding to massive stress levels.

Saturday saw us heading east and south towards Dublin. A ride of about an hour plus on freeways where we were to register and watch a promo video, familiarize ourselves with the bike and hit the road for a ride down the freeway and around some twist and bends.

Again on Sunday we went back, visited Arlen van Ness custom shop and looked at some beautiful styled bikes, not our style but impressive all the same:

Riding the Visions again just reinforced our decision that this bike was going to be able to meet our requirements of carrying the girls and us with apparent ease around the USA and Europe.

So on Tuesday before we left we arranged for the purchase of 2 Visions from the agents, Scuderia West:

These bikes will be all prepared for us and ready to roll in March for our 1st stage across the northern states of the USA.  Till then we have 5 months to finalize all of our travel arrangements, which most have been done, although no doubt there will be some hiccups along the way. That’s life!

The good news is we coped and are now back home catching up with (in Noels case) a backlog of work.

Looking forward to March 2008!