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This is where we'll update you on how our trip is going.

18 Mar, 2008 - over the Rockies by Ruby

Well this has been two days riding thru the rockies.Yesterday arvo when we made it thru the toll booth, we all stopped to play in the snow. Bitterly cold, but fine. The road is just like a Christmas card... snow dripping off the trees, snow hanging off the buildings like icing on a cake, all so very beautiful.Slippery roads in places, but we made good time, staying last night at Sorrento... you blink and you miss it. But as usual the motel room was warm and clean. Me and Bren went for our morning walk in shorts and bare legs, by the time we had finished... they looked more like turkey sticks,. Red and prickly. Much to the locals amusement.

Brenda too cold to be seen..... one for the grandkids, Nana horsin around.... and grandad making his first of many, yellow ice creams!!!