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This is where we'll update you on how our trip is going.

13 Mar, 2009 - Flynns Birthday, and stuff by Ruby

Firstly, the guys put a gathering on with some of our neighbours and friends, for our welcome home, and thier farewell....

Pearl, my friend Karens dog, was the messenger... none too happy with all the attention,... and Steve a little too eager to open the dishwasher!!

we had a great night catching up on a years worth of trivia, tho getting pics of everyone proved too much for me in the end.


just a few of them nattering.... god knows what Bruce was talking about, but Heather and Sid were inthralled... and Bruce again holding court with Rex, our closest neighbour, and Sheryl one down the road. I gave up after this... tooo much movement and not enough partying.


this one made me laugh tho, the guy in the middle is a paying guest and his wife with her back to the pic, talking to attractive Sandy.... and it really looks like he is not sure where hes allowed to look!!... then next morn I got this one of some of the wild Californian Quail that graze our lawns all day..... the Charactised Pukeko, and the maniquin, are two of my paintings.... with my Dark Fairie below....


and this is whats left of our family.... SPOT, he's watching birds from our bed... MING, who absolutly hates her photo being taken, she was born with half a tail, ( her sister, Ming Ming, who is dead had a whole one )


MOLLY, at her most relaxed,.... EWOK, who is Spots sister, and the grumpiest of the lot... and DORATHY.. still moving too fast for the camera, we have adopted her from Steve and Gary, so they can travel with no worries, she's a dear little cat, that is settling down nicely. Molly is 17years, and can still catch bunnies, the others just wait for her to bring them home, all geriatrics now. 


just a nature pic from my garden... and the moon, which you can hardly see, on our trip up North.... and the Birthday Boy! Flynn, my youngest just turned 19yrs, with his partner Zoe. Flynns another one that is camera shy... not like his older sister Erin, with partner Corey and my youngest grandson Riley who is now 7 months


We all went out to the local Chinese resturant to celebrate Flynns Birthday... heres Connor, full o' beans, and his little brother Riley and Grandad