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28 Mar, 2009 - Kai Iwi Lakes... by Ruby

Hi everybody, I thought I'd just pop in some pics of our lakes... well they are not really ours, but we live just over the road from them. And Noel and I do our 'walks' around them every other morning. The weather is just amazing!, we are having a real Indian autumn, and every morning I've been saying... got to bring my camera next time, so finally I remembered and here are some views of two of the lakes. There are actually three, but the other one is out of our way.

these first two are of Lake Taharoa, about 200 hectares,  I think.... and the other is of the ski lake, where, surprise surprise, they water ski! its actually got a proper course laid out for slalom , and some national competitions are held here from time to time.


the ski club in back of the pic, see how still it is this morn. With just a hint of mist..... goin for a swim this arvo, we have been water skiing our selves most days... making the most of this unusually fine weather.


up and over... part of our trail, and just admiring the view... me walking past the "sin bin" I do not know why its called that, but boats are not allowed to speed here, it backs on to one of the huge camp sites hidden in the trees


last view of these spectacular fresh water natural lakes.... I bandaged Ming to try and stop her scratching a cut on her neck, funny thing is,she likes having it on, must make her feel like someones cuddling her all day. And the cuts healing finally. This is Jo and Flo, Jo is Noels first cousins son, so a distant rally, and Flo his wife. They popped in and stayed a couple of nights while riding the north documenting it, for a bike site... tho I cannot remember what its called. It was great catching up on all the goss from that side of the family. Well, see you later, probably next week as we are going to Auckland to pick up the bikes finally. Meant to be arriving on Wednesday yaaa!!!