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This is where we'll update you on how our trip is going.

06 Apr, 2009 - Unwrapping the bikes!!!! by Ruby

Yaaa, they have finally arrived and we are allowed to go get them!. Noel and I had to leave home fairly early this morning, cause not only were we picking up the bike, but we were taking the guys cat to the airport to fly to the South Island. Dorothy ( cats name, ) even tho he is a boy.... meowed for about 20 minutes in the car, then just gave up an settled down for the 2 1/2 drive to the airport. We even stopped for a coffee cause we were making such good time... not much traffic. After giving him a hug and sending him off, we raced round to The Famous Pacific Shipping people for our bike. Em and Bren arrived at the same time, and we were all given high viz jackets for the job.

Em found his first... it was like Christmas, all the wrappings, and boxes of extras.... and the guy pulling them forward so we could decrate them. Took us about an hour or so to unwrap and sort out the top boxes and windscreens, then had to wait for an age for the MAF guy to turn up and give us our all clear papers. Piece of cake really, cause Noel and Em had throughly washed them before they crated the bikes in Los Angeles. Noel and I decided to have a night out in the city, and came home thursday.


if all else fails, read the manual. Noel figuring out how to put the top box back on..... and our own little lake at dusk ( just thought I'd throw you)

Then on Sunday Dave and his mate, who I can't remember his name...sorry. Met up with us in Dargaville, our closest town for a coffee and chat before the four of us  shot over to Whangarei. They were going to the bike show, and we were doin family stuff.


it was a real good ride over... only bout 30 minutes, and I took this pic of cows grazing out side for our friends over seas.. they are the dots at the foot of the hills, getting very dry for autumn. Everyone is hanging out for rain up here.

we went and checked out a house Erin and Corey are looking at to buy...dropped off some baking for my youngest, Flynn. Then popped in for a cuppa at Noels aged peas, Nell and Roy.... Ginny their cat has just had an operation, and the vet cut off her ear, she looks soooo funny, tho I don't think she was too impressed with us laughing at her... and here is a small, probably 3/4 metres high totem pole I made them a while back. Usually they are much taller. So that was our week cept for work. Take care everybody.... I will be back....