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This is where we'll update you on how our trip is going.

13 Apr, 2009 - Easter Monday... by Ruby

Whew!!! its been a long, happy, mostly fine weekend with some of our kids, and their kids. But the first few days pics have been mislaid for the moment so I shall show you a few of the end of the weekend.

heres Riley, the 8month old with our oldest cat Molly who is 17yrs. He spent most of the weekend eating cat chippies, or throwing them out the cat door! And Connor and Naomi making the most of the shelves I cleared of my fragile dragon ornaments for the weekend... those two were inseparable,                       

Granddad, decided to give them both a row on our fast drying out lake, and with a little help from one of my guests Karl... he was soon out of the mud
and off giving the littlies a thrill. we really had a great weekend with them all, the parents made the most of the good weather and skied everyday.


Naomi deciding whether she was going to clock Riley, or the cat. ( there is a bit of rivalry there, but Riley doesn't really know it )The cat lucked out thank goodness, chocy eggs, and our neighbours chocy dry pond. All the tadpoles got gobbled up by the herons while Sheryl watched, unable to stop them... oh well, such is life. Oh yes, that furry little animal, is an possum, they are our major pest in the forests. Eating acres of tree leaves every night. They are quite valuable for their fur, which is sooo soft, and made into very expensive garments. But this little fellow wintered in my chook house a couple of years ago. Getting friendly enough for me to hand feed him. He was free to come and go, and one morning he was gone. I guess he got shot by the farmer, or eaten by the farm dogs. Well, Noel and I have got one free day, before my eldest son and family arrive for a few days... being grandparents can be sooo bloody tiring, but heaps of fun. til later, keep happy, back at the end of the week.