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This is where we'll update you on how our trip is going.

17 Apr, 2009 - Saving the Steer... by Ruby

Farm stuff.... I was looking after my girlfriends dogs while they were away.... and on our run we came across a stuck steer!!! Jesse my son and his family were there as well. So Jess raced back to tell Noel, and they grabbed some spades to sort it out, while the rest of us finished the walk. Got the dogs back to their kennels, and flew home to grab the camera to record the event.

OK, so how deep does this mud go???..... oops, I think I chopped his leg, after bout half an hour digging, the steer finally  oozed  himself out of the swamp, with a little encouragement from his friend.


Free finally, with all legs still intact.... and the weary heroes coming home... better pic of our home and lodges. So that turned out to be an interesting morning for some of us..