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This is where we'll update you on how our trip is going.

12 May, 2009 - some pics of the last wee while by Ruby

Jeezuz!!! it is sooo cold!! its like we have completely jumped from summer to winter!! last night it was 13 degrees in our house!. No underfloor heating on yet, fighting to the bitter end, with cardies and cats keeping me warm. to night its jumped to 18...

OK, so here are three of our cats keeping me warm... and a couple of views of Piahia, the place heaps of tourists go for relaxing, fishing, swimming etc etc. We were up here last week, and the streets were dead!!! so much for tourism at the mo, seems like its hitting everywhere.


me and my youngest grandson Riley... see, its getting cold!! all fog and dull ... but the same week ( last ) I took this bumblebee pinching pollen from one of the plants in our garden. Our temperatures have really been all over the place!!


sooo, most of the grandkids.... two of my poles, the foremost is 10ft tall, the other which I sold this week is 7ft..... and Ginny completely recovered from her ear operation..  bye everyone.... c u in a week or two.