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This is where we'll update you on how our trip is going.

17 May, 2009 - sunday.... by Ruby

Well, we didn't have such a good start to the week. Noel and I had to take Ming into the vets for the last time. She had cancer, and was too feeble for them to operate on, she was 16yrs.... so now she's gone to be with her sister Ming Ming, and all the others.  Then the next day, we had to travel to Piahia for Noels work and got a bloody flat on the bike!!!! 67 thousand miles over seas and nothing. Back here on our cruddy roads and it leaves us stranded for over an hour waiting for the tow truck to take us back to Whangarei and the bike shop. Grrrr, then back up the next day to complete the job. Tho one compensation, we had lunch with Ruth his client. A delightful 87yr old American lady that lives here, in New Zealand 6 months of the year. Man, has she got some stories to tell.

dear old Ming... truck removing junk cars from someones back yard, an on going mess with some people over here.... and Northland farm. We had a much better trip up the next day.


A very common sight in N.Z....  stock on the road moving from one paddock to another.... and cows trudging up the hill at milking time . Riding thru the Waipoua forest on our way home.Karen rang me up to go horse riding sat morning. yaaa!! we go all over the farm ( my horse knows I don't really know what I'm doing ) he often breaks into a canter or trot, I'm not sure which. But he hasn't chucked me off yet


My dear little friend Karen and me saddling up...note the sunny day, we are back up to 23 degrees.  Play time after the ride.... and we all have heaps of these lovely bright green frogs in the gardens and lakes around here.

farm dog off to work..... I invited our friends round for drinkies last night, and we all ended up in the garage to admire the bike...Rex tried it for size, but prefers Harley's, tho  Heather was so impressed, she didn't want to get off! It was a pleasant night, and a good way to end the week.