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07 Jun, 2009 - Catch up.. by Ruby

Hi everyone... well its been a while, and altho we have been busy, most stuff is just plain living!!!Tho last week we went to Auckland for our friend Tony's 60th birthday. What a blast!! the best party for eons. Live music that we could actually dance to, heaps of red wine, friends and fun. Tony is an ex band person, and he got together with some of his old cronies to sing and play for us all.My Kiwi readers may remember Shane???? well he was there, giving us a blast from the past. Wow, the old R.S.A was really rockin, and Laureens Friend Rose also did a couple of sets. Her voice is like Alison Moyna... real rich and moody. Happy happy night. But I didn't get any pics of the birthday boy or the party..... so here is one of their dog Stella instead . And while I'm at it... a few more animals

Stella, Laureens and Tonys dog...... one of Claire and Troys cats hiding from the dogs..... Ahhh Stella begging for brecky from Noel sunday after the party. She is such a HAPPY dog. And on sunday we went and had lunch with Noels kids and spouses before heading home.


well, this is Spatz best side....note his red eye, not from drinking I'm told, but just what HUGE great Danes look like, he is soooo funny. Just the most placid dog, leans on you, and almost chucks you off your feet! and Jasper, his very best buddy the loony Labrador. ( hey Claire, that was the weirdest, nicest pear soup )And I made Noel take a pic of me and Stella to prove I'm still around. Now here you go VICTORY VISION... how is this for dedication!!! We finally met the owners of the shop in Auckland... uhh oh... names have flown out of my head. But a lovely couple with a great shop full of bikes waiting to be sold.( that is a real tattoo by the way ) he got it done when over in the States checking out the bikes. We have now laid the floor of the fourth lodge... will get the pics sorted. Cheers everybody, trust you are all well, and our overseas friends enjoying the spring days... c yu