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21 Mar, 2008 - Calgary, Alberta by Emil

This is Ruby writing this

Well we are havin a good time in Alberta... cold, 0 dreegrees.as usual but clean and crisp. Being good little Kiwi's and walkin most days. Yesterday, Noel and I were returning from our walk, looking for the right house to return to, ( getting lost is easy round here.) when we spied what we thought was Cliff and Maureens house, up the steps and pulled on the handle. Locked!! Bren and Em musta pulled it to when they returned so Noel pushes on the doorbell and we wait, seems a while when finally the door opens a smidgeon and a bald head and shoulders pokes out.... yaaa wrong house!!  Sorry, wrong house we called whilst we beat a hasty retreat killing ourselves with laughter as we made it finally to Cliffs. Yesterday we rode 130kms out of Alberta to Drumheller, to the most interesting Dinasour museum. Called the Royal Tyrrell Museum. Could have spent a whole day there... did not see it all but what we did see was amazing. The Plains to Drumheller are vast!! flat brown coloured feilds as far as the eye could see. Love the speed on the bikes.